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Critique Café

What is the Critique Café?

A Critique Café’ is an interactive chat room that provides an avenue to discuss various literary works. They’re created by genre and for special events.
Can I create my own group within the Critique Café?

Please submit your inquiries using the “Contact Us” form.
What are “snaps”?

A snap signifies a thumbs up or two thumbs up if you really like an entry.
How do I give a “snap”?

Underneath the entry that you’d like to show your support of, select either snap or double snap.
How do I know when I have received a “snap”?

You will receive a notification message based on your preference.
Can I message other group members in the Critique Café?

This is dependent upon your subscription level.
Can Critique Café’s be set to private?

There are a few Café’s that are open to free users, however, there are more available to those on the fee based plans.


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