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Think about it. A bayou is an outlet of a lake or river.

The mission of WordsBayou is to provide an outlet for the words that are expressed by our users into a single place. WordsBayou.com is a site that promotes your words, your work your literal expressions. Whether you're a blogger, a published writer, looking to be published, wanting your words to be seen or someone with something to say about a specific topic, we want you to share those words by you on WordsBayou.com.

It gets better. Yes, it really does.

You want to talk and chat about your words, her words, his words or their words. You can do that. In a convenient place called a "Critique Cafe". Yes, we’re bringing chat rooms back! Each genre has a specific cafe to connect to other users real time.

There's also something extra added in for those into current events and sporting events. There are cafe's designed just for you. For example, during football season, want to chat with other fans about the Panthers vs Falcons game. You'll have a cafe' just for that. Each game will have its own cafe'. Keep up with the scores via table, iOS or Android mobile devices or on your laptop. Or do you just want to talk about the next episode of your favorite show, send us a request and the start and stop time of the program, and based on your subscription type, we will create the avenue to express those WordsBayou.

Let's get down to the best part of WordsBayou, YOU.

Your words are important and wanted! Get READY!""


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